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Psychic Email service

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2 questions answered by our highly trained born psychic Mediums who have over 45 years Experience  in reading for the public here in Ireland and beyond 

Covering -

  • Messages from your loved ones in spirit 
  • love Messages and Predictions 
  • life Path 
  • Finance and Future finance predictions 
  • Time frames and dates 
  • Names places
  • Soul Mate information description 
  • love Problems love Predictions
  • General life paths life predictions 
  • Career outlooks career psychic predictions 
  • Your future Children predictions 
  • Tarot and Astrology 

We do not cover legal health Matters and by law we must state all services are for those over the age of 18 and are for entertainment purpose only . 

Please  send your Questions plus photo to the email address below  after purchase
reply’s sent via Email within 48 Hours
More than 2 Questions can be purchased .
Please keep Questions brief . 

Email -